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    For passenger only travel, you can choose the Tangalooma Island Resort’s high-speed catamarans which depart several times per day from the Tangalooma Wharf at Holt Street, Pinkenba, Brisbane. The Holt Street wharf is approximately 15 minutes from Brisbane Airport and Brisbane city centre. Arrival on the Tangalooma catamarans will dock you at the Tangalooma jetty located just south of the resort. From here you will have about a 15 min stroll past the resort and on to Beach House 3.


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    If you plan on taking your 4WD you will need to book the MiCat with Moreton Island Adventures, a large catamaran which runs almost daily to Moreton Island. The MiCat is located south of Brisbane on Howard Smith Drive, Port Of Brisbane. The MiCat moors just north of the resort with a short drive across the beach and parking area close to the house.


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